The Lessons

Individual lessons:
Functional Synthesis (FS)

This is the hands-on form of the ABM, which addresses particular problems tailored to individual needs. The student lies or sits, fully clothed on a low table while the practitioner guides his/her movements through precise and gentle touch. The practitioner brings present habits into focus offering new movement options. The learning is then applied to everyday activities such as reaching, sitting, standing, walking. It is also a highly effective way to address pain and to develop or refine skills as well as improve and expand your self image. The sessions are both relaxing and energizing; active learning occurs when people let go of habitual ways of moving and holding themselves and begin to include new “ways of being." You might notice lasting benefits in the way you think and feel as well.

Group lessons: Transformational Movement Lessons (TML)

TML lessons are usually taught in groups on a weekly basis. They take place lying on the floor for the most part, and sometimes sitting or standing. The practitioner talks the students through a planned sequence of movements; each new movement is repeated and explored through variations, allowing the student to become familiar with it and begin to “play” with unaccustomed movement relationships. New learning at the level of the nervous system begins to occur, replacing habitual patterns of moving that limit our experiences and bring tension, pain, or injury. The classes are non-competitive and the students are encouraged to explore the movement sequences within their own capacity, moving gently and slowly in order to pay attention and become aware of subtle differences and changes. Each lesson presented is different in its focus and effect; they are generally organized around an action or theme (for example, transitioning from sitting to standing), covering a wide range of common human functions. The learning from each lesson is generalized, so all lessons create improvements in awareness, comfort, flexibility, attention, breathing, range of motion, and quality and ease of movement which the students can take into all their daily life activities.

Group lessons offered

Ongoing: Tuesdays 7-8 pm

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