Stories of change: Infants and children

Popi has worked with my 2-year old son since he was diagnosed with a rare brain malformation that caused seizures and loss of use of the left half of his body. During her 18 months of work with him, Popi has shown compassion for our entire family and clear understanding of my son's condition. Indeed, through careful listening, kindness, and understanding, Popi has become a family friend as well as a therapist. She has been an integral part of our decision-making in forming his treatment plan, always keeping up with and seeking new information from us and other members of our medical team. Popi's deep sense of humanity and recognition of my son's strengths is evident in the caring way she looks at him and touches him during treatments. Popi is kind as she perseveres in teaching my son about himself, and showing me ways to relate to my son through ABM techniques that have improved his movement, communication, and quality of life. She helps me remain patient and hopeful as I help my son improve the skills upon which he will depend to master his destiny and lead a fulfilling life. Thank you, Popi!

Mother of a patient who has seen Popi since he was five months old

We began seeing Lidia-Popi shortly after my daughter was diagnosed with a chromosome disorder, when she was ten months old. At that age, my little one could only sit unsupported for a few seconds at a time. She wasn't able to get herself into the sitting position, had only rolled over a couple times, and was nowhere near crawling or standing. She was stuck in futile patterns of movement, and often strained and seemed frustrated. My daughter also had severe stranger anxiety and tactile defensiveness. I was actually hesitant to start ABM at that point, thinking she would just scream and cry the entire session.

Popi has the most gentle, sensitive approach, to my surprise my daughter took to her immediately! We have been to more than our fair share of therapists and doctors, and none of them have been able to touch and engage with my daughter like Popi can. After every round of ABM we have seen big gains in my daughter's development, including the first time she fed herself with her hands, army crawled, and got herself to all fours.

My daughter is now 19 months old and is a completely different child. She still has delays, but she is making gains and moves like a "typical" child (just a younger one). She is engaged and social. I never describe her as having stranger anxiety anymore. These days I most often describe her as a "ham".

We are huge fans of Popi and of ABM. I cannot recommend them enough!

Ari S.

Following a recommendation, we sought out the Anat Baniel Method for our daughter when she was nineteen months old. With significant hypotonia and developmental delays, our little girl went from crawling to walking and becoming more interested with her surroundings in the six months that Popi provided ABM therapy. Popi did an excellent job with keeping her engaged while still challenging her. Since she's also an occupational therapist, Popi even gave us suggestions on OT-related concerns such drinking from a cup. We were very happy to see our daughter blossom into an interactive, playful toddler and appreciate Popi's guidance in getting her there.

Andrea and Eric C.

Popi started working with my daughter when she was 6 months old. At that time, she was very passive and was not rolling or holding toys. My daughter is now 10 months old, and not only is she rolling or holding toys, but she is now sitting and crawling! Popi was very instrumental in my child's development. Popi is very caring and connects well with children. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate and passionate about her work. I am forever grateful to Popi.

Greta T.

Occupational Therapist

Our son, who was born in Nov'13, started seeing Popi at 6weeks of age. He suffered a stroke during birth, making him a Right Hemi and consequently developing a rare form of epilepsy. He struggled greatly with conventional therapy and we found it hard to replicate exercises at home. Popi is kind, compassionate and incredibly dedicated. When she works with our son he is consciously participating and very relaxed. Now at 14 months, ABM has increased his awareness of his affected side and he is able to move his body with purpose and correctly. Popi has become much more than a therapist to our family and we feel very fortunate to have her on our sons team.