Stories of change: Adults in group classes

Popi is a kind and a brilliant teacher. Even in a group, she is sensitive of each participant's needs. She goes above and beyond to create each class.

I had the privilege of learning in her weekly class for six months. Some medical issues had severely limited my mobility especially to sit and drive. After just one sitting lesson in a chair taught by Popi, my tolerance went from a few minutes to an hour of sitting in comfort. To this day , I am thankful to her for that gift.

As a physical therapist, I would strongly recommend to take her class for addressing any kind of pain and mobility issues. Her knowledge and passion for teaching, truly helps to engage the body and the brain.

Kanchan Thakar

Physical Therapist

I have been practicing ABM with Lidia-Popi since 2010. During the first lesson, I was thinking 'This isn't doing anything for my body, maybe it's not for me.' The movements were slow, small and subtle; not what I was used to in my usual yoga or aerobic dance classes. However, as soon as I stood up after the lesson was over, I was amazed at how my body felt more relaxed and aligned and my mind felt more at ease. I describe ABM as a moving meditation. The body is moving, but the brain is also working, concentrating on what is happening internally. This shuts out all the usual chatter that fills our minds. This is part of the magic. For the hour long lesson you observe your body and your breath and in the end you feel refreshed and you can move more freely. I have shared ABM tips with my friends who complained of not being able to stand up from the floor and they were so grateful for the ideas. It teaches you to move in new ways that take less effort so as to prevent injuries and pain. I am on hiatus now, to have a baby, but I plan on continuing with Popi as I have noticed direct benefits not only for my body, but for my mind.

Kayla K.

Speech Pathologist

Deciding to try ABM as a pain management tool has been a most rewarding move. Having Popi as the instructor has made the experience so positive that I look forward every week to our class.

My range of movement has improved astonishingly fast and I am able to

maintain and expand my level of fitness.

Popi's approach to teaching is thoughtful, always taking into consideration the student's needs and particular requirements. Her delivery is interesting and her lesson plan is different every class, ensuring variety in her lessons.

I jump through hoops to rearrange my schedule to make sure I don't miss any of Popi's classes.

Monika Sandman

I have been participating in weekly ABM group classes with Lidia (Popi) Seroussi for the last 4 years .

Popi has a special gift for listening to the participants' different situations. Her way of applying the ABM method and her wonderful intuition make my participation in the class one of my favorite times of my week.

I now am in tune with my body and can identify and feel connected with any movement that I make at work, getting into my car, getting up from the carpeted floor, etc.

I have recommended others to take Popi's class and it has been life changing for them.

I believe the method that Popi teaches is an activity good for any age. I see myself using it for the rest of my life. I have only appreciation for Popi and her class.

I would invite anyone interested in using their body efficiently, with grace and freedom of movement to come and consult with Popi as to what the ABM method has to offer.

Clara M.

Preschool teacher