About me

I was born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay. As a young adult. I moved to Israel, and studied Psychology at Bar-Ilan University, and Occupational Therapy, specializing in the area of pediatrics, at Haifa University. In 1986 I moved to the California Bay Area, which has become my home. I am fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew. I was first introduced to the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais during my training as an Occupational Therapist. In California, I joined a Feldenkrais group class and for more than two decades, this work has been part of my life. In my quest to further develop my knowledge and experience with this modality, I came across Anat Baniel’s innovative approach to Dr. Feldenkrais's work, and was immediately taken by the breadth of her knowledge and her passion for transmitting it. In 2007 I joined the Anat Baniel Method (ABM) Training in San Rafael, California, and became an ABM practitioner in 2009. In my present practice as an Occupational Therapist at the Simoneon Pediatric Developmental Center (San Jose, CA), I have found that children with diverse diagnosis such as autism, developmental delays, and learnig disablilities can all benefit from this method to better their lives. I also work with adults in both group classes and on an individual basis. In addition to my work as an Occupational Therapist and an ABM practitioner, I have had extensive training and experience with ceramic arts and painting, which add another dimension to my belief in the boundless capacity for change and creativity in each individual human being, regardless of their situation.

Lidia (Popi) Seroussi, OTR/L, ABMP

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