I am Lidia (Popi) Seroussi, and Change with Movement is my Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® (ABM) practice. The ABM is a movement-based method founded on the teachings of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. This method provides a unique and practical way to realize our human potential more fully, using movement to teach self-awareness, bringing insights into our thoughts and actions, and enabling a new level of personal development.

Who can benefit?

People of any any age and ability, including

  • people struggling with chronic pain

  • people who want to recover from injuries

  • people whose work involve repetitive tasks, like dentists, dancers, musicians, potters, ...

  • people dealing with difficulties associated with aging

  • infants and children with neurological and /or developmental challenges

  • people diagnosed with scoliosis, thoracic outlet syndrome, and carpal tunnel syndrome

  • in general, anyone wanting to improve their quality of life and maintain the plasticity of their brains

The benefits

  • improved coordination and balance

  • new ways to sit, walk, and stand without discomfort

  • changes in habitual ways of moving to improve limitations

  • deeper and fuller breathing

  • easing of chronic tensions and pain

  • increased ability to learn and feel more vital and creative

  • improved performance in dance, sports, and music performance

  • easier and more complete recovery from injury

  • a general sense of vitality and well being

At Change with MovementSM, I offer group classes and individual lessons in the Anat Baniel Method(R), for individuals of all ages.

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Group lessons

Ongoing: Tuesdays 7-8 pm